Wild Salmon Fish Origins and Recipes

Salmon Fish has been one of the most popular fish-food from over a century. Its consumption has hugely increased over the course of time and it is very popular with Fish lovers all around the world. Due to massive consumption and over-fishing, Salmon fishes have plunged low in numbers and thus there is more emphasis on farm produced Salmon these days. There is also a huge debate going around for some years whether wild Salmons are more nutritious and healthy to eat than farmed ones. According to some figures, farmed Salmon production has quadrupled over the two decades and this really begs the question whether farmed Salmon is healthier than the wild ones.

Wild Salmon versus Farmed Salmon

Wild Salmons have plummeted in numbers over the course of years due to high river pollution and over fishing. Most of the Salmons we see in the market are farmed and they make up 80% of the supply of Salmons in markets. A quick comparison is done below:

  • To start with, farmed Salmons are raised in a controlled atmosphere and there are a lot of chemicals added to improve skin texture and taste. These fishes eat a different diet than the wild ones which usually feed on larvae and crustacean organisms. Farmed Salmons are raised and bred in captivity, and they never travel more than a few yards which makes them much fatty than the wild ones.

  • Farmed Salmon contains more fatty acids than the wild ones as they have a restrictive movement and eat four times more food than their wild relatives. Also, Farmed Salmon contains a higher mercury level which makes them unsuitable to consume for pregnant women and young folks.
  • Farmed Salmons taste a bit different than the wild ones due to the chemicals added to the fisheries where they are kept. Wild Salmons taste much better because of their longer life span and variety in food consumed.

Popular Salmon Recipes

Some popular Salmon Recipes are listed below:

  • Seared Salmon with whole wheat spaghetti, spinach, garlic and capers creating a health supper.
  • Baked Salmon marinated with soy sauce and maple syrup and then served with cauliflower
  • Chopped salmon, sautéed and eaten along with hash browns, tender peppers and onions .

As we notice above , there is not a lot of difference between Wild and farmed Salmon and it all depends on how sensitive you are towards genetically modified food. Both the types of fishes contain an almost same number of nutrients and don’t differ much taste wise and aesthetically too.