Why You Need To Buy App Installs and Reviews

Finishing up on developing your application is not the biggest leap, getting users to install your app is. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because at the first instance your app is buried between millions of apps and to get out so users can install your app you should apply marketing techniques that are effective. One of the techniques that have proved to work seamlessly is one where you get installs for your apps. There are several companies that will help you get people to install your app, but what are the benefits of using such a service?

Perception is vital

The higher the number of installs you get, the better the perception you create for first-time users who are yet to install the app. Usually, before installing an app, many people will first focus on the reviews left as well as the number of people who are currently using the application. Therefore, getting more app installs is boosting the perception behind the application so users will assume it is designed to provide them with a great experience, which essentially motivates them to install, thereby further boosting installs.

Rankings are a key

Many people who have ever published apps on Google Play Store or App Store will agree than getting the first person to install the app is a big deal as this could take a lot of time. That is why working with experts that could help you get installs within few days is necessary because apart from eliminating the time wasted, you are able to start monetizing your app immediately. Downloads help your app to rank highly on search engines and this plays a vital role in attracting other users to download the app. One of the most important factors to consider when hiring for installs is to ensure the users you get are real as this will prevent unnecessary losses of rankings.

However, you should pay attention to fake systems that use bots to give you downloads. This can severely damage your strategy as you will need to keep an eye on the terms and conditions of App Store and Play Store. Giving fake metrics is the easiest way to kill an idea that could have risen to earn you good money, and this is the reason you need to choose the company to work with carefully, making sure they are people whose focus is on giving you real downloads from real users. Organic traffic is what will give you the money and you cannot achieve this until you get your app to be installed by many users.

Plus you are allowed to choose your keywords wisely so you can overcome the high competition you are faced with. Even if you had an idea worth billions and your app remained unknown beneath the hundreds available, it would be as good as nonexistent, so the earlier you embrace buying installs the better for your strategy. The other thing you need to think about is reviews, but don’t focus more on buying these until you are certain that you have received honest feedback that you could use to correct system errors and to improve the general feel of the app.