A car service is a series of maintenance procedures done on a car to keep it running efficiently. While choosing a service facility to take your car to, it is vital for you to take note of many things.  This is because, some of the service facilities are not equipped with the necessary tools and they also lack good and experienced team of workers like technicians and mechanics.

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There are many things to service in a car. It is beneficial that you take you cars for regular serving and not when the car finally breaks down. Some parts of the car that needs serving include: brakes, the tyres, steering and suspension, the car radiator, belts and hoses, the car sir conditioner, muffler, emission; you can as well get your car oil changed. These aforementioned areas of car serving is of importance so as to avoid any form of problems while driving. Prevention is always better that cure, at the same time, servicing your car is always better that waiting for the car to break down before repairing it.


It is pleasing to inform you that you can get the aforementioned car services and more at the R & B auto centre.This car service in Fontana is carried out by our team of experienced mechanics and technicians who have years of experience, who are also certified and insured. There are many car service and repair facility in Fontana but it is to your good and benefitsfor you to get your car serviced at R & B auto repair and service facility. Getting you car for servicing at our auto repair and service facility is getting your  car backas brand new. We are known in the whole of Fontana California in United States of America.

Our work speaks for itself. We are rated among the top ten car repair and service facilities in Fontana. Our car services are well carried out and we follow due procedures. We do not charge much, it is also good to know that we make the cost estimate for your car service available for you to see before we commence car servicing on your car.  R & B works together with AAA, Approved Auto Repair, so getting your car serviced at our service facility is something you don’t need to think over.