Understand Ways To Clean Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are a stylish, inexpensive, and easy-to-maintain alternative to the glass or ceramic types of the bong. They are typically made with a thick silicone material resistant to most forms of damage. This feature also makes them easier to clean than many other options for smokers. Learn How to clean silicone bong.


The following will serve as instructions for cleaning your silicone bong to ensure that it lasts for years without visible wear and tear. At this time, these instructions are only intended for deep cleaning; regular maintenance should consist primarily of keeping your equipment dry and emptying unwanted debris accordingly (e.g. ashes).


When deep cleaning your silicone bong, remove all the pieces from the water altogether. Once this is done, clean out any unwanted debris and other material in the chambers using a small brush if necessary.


Once this is complete, use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the silicone bong and its components. This will help eliminate any remaining residue and sanitize it compared to plain water. If you don’t have to rub alcohol on hand, detergent (laundry or otherwise) can also work well in a pinch.


Once you have finished cleaning the silicone bong, make sure that you allow it to dry. This should be relatively easy if you have some natural ventilation in your home; however, if you’ve been using the bong to store harvested bud for an extended period, this step may become slightly more complicated. Use a towel to cover the bowl of your bong to prevent any moisture from forming.

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Once your bong has been thoroughly dried, apply some silicone lubricant onto the silicone joints and slide everything back into their respective positions (including the piece on top). This will help ensure those components have sucked out any excess water during cleaning.


Additionally, it is essential at this time to check the quality of your piece. If the silicone joints seem brittle or look like they could snap off, consider replacing them immediately. This is most likely a sign of unsafe use and can lead to dangerous situations if not addressed promptly.


As a final step in cleaning your full silicone bong, you’ll want to give it a good rinse with water and allow it to dry once again. Put any remaining rubber bands away before putting all of the pieces back into place, being careful not to trap any unwanted debris inside any chambers.