The various types of carpet installations for your home

Carpets are an integral part of every home or commercial place. They are very important for your floor. You must have carefully planned for a luxurious flooring. This needs to be protected and the same is done by carpets. They add beauty to the space and also do the job of protecting. We shall now discuss some features of the different types of carpet installation.

The direct glue down is the very popular method of installation. This can be mostly seen in commercial establishments. Here, as the name suggests, the carpet is directly glued to the floor. To lay this, there shouldn’t be any imperfections on the floor. Only when the floor is smooth this type of installation can be done easily.The carpet adhesive holds the carpet to the ground solidly. There is minimum movement and so it is convenient to walk over. Places where more traffic is seen can be benefited with this type of installation. It is also suitable for large areas. Due to lack of flexing, they are more durable.

A very popular method for homes is the stretch in carpet installation method. In this method strips of wood are glued to the floor. They can also be nailed to the floor. The carpet is attached to the nails around the room and it is stretched across. Since padding is done, it makes the carpet more durable. This is also easier to remove and provides greater insulation than the other method.