The Traveller’s Home in their Journey Outside

If you are traveling a lot, you probably become more comfortable in sleeping in motels and hotels as your second home to ease your weariness and replenish your energy. In comparison to our sweet place back home, we cannot control the quality and cleanliness of the rooms we rented. There are hotels with good maintenance which are more comfortable to stay in but more expensive.

The cheaper ones are affordable and liveable but much simpler compared to those grand hotels. Even though they are a bit dirtier, but as a traveler, you have no other options especially if it is only the available place in that area and if you are on a limited budget

The Cheap Ones

When you are checking in any cheap motels and hotels, instead of using any fancy hotel management software in computers, you will notice that they are only using logbooks as a form of monitoring their available rooms and the duration of your stay in their establishment. If you want to call for a customer service, you probably have to go out to their administration office to inform them.

hotel management software

The room is small, the toilet is not quite appealing, and probably no cable on the TV but still, they are a good temporarily shelter along your travels. And when you need to order food, you need to go outside to buy your own meal since most of them do not cater food as part of their service. The security of the establishment is also lax and mostly accessible by the public which you must put into consideration when deciding to stay in such places in your travel.

The Expensive Ones

Grand hotels are quite expensive but the rooms are very comfortable to stay. As you check in the front desk, you will see that they are using computers with hotel management software to determine the availability of the rooms. They also use that software to monitor the duration of the stay of all tenants in the establishment. It also connects the tenants to the front desk if there are complaints or any request such as food delivery with just one phone call away inside the room.

The hotel rooms can have different ambiance and theme depending on your preferences. The food is also great and they have hundreds of channels for your leisure. The air conditions and lighting are adjustable to make yourself comfortable. Most of all, they have WIFI with fast connection for your browsing needs and to connect to your social media. The place is very strict since there are guards on every entrance and there are roaming crew to maintain the cleanliness of the hotel lobbies.

Preparation on Your Journeys

Before you venture out of the conveniences and comfort of your own home to travel far away in unknown areas for a couple of days, make sure to research the local and look for a comfortable place to stay in. Now being aware of the environment and advantages between cheap and expensive hotels, we can prepare the things we need to bring to make our travel conveniently and budget our money more effectively.