The smell of fish – Salmon:

Fish foods are some of the best and most loved foods in all the parts of the world. There are so many types of fishes and different people groups prefer different varieties and they also prepare the same fish in many different forms and so on. It is such a healthy food and your mouth might start watering at the very smell of fish even if it’s in your neighbour’s house. There are many nutritional benefits associated with fish foods and they are also cultured in countless fish farms the world over. Today, let’s see how good is a Salmon?

About the Salmon and its types:

The Salmon is actually a species name and not the name of a single fish. Salmons are fishes whose fins are like rays. These salmons are born in rivers and streams and then they setup their homes in the oceans and seas and then they return to where they were born after a long stay of six years at the highest. They come back home using their strange memory power as they smell their ways back home to spawn. Some species actually spend their entire lives in the freshwaters. But for those that migrate, it becomes a huge problem if the water undergoes any change that can be caused by mining and so on. There are many types of salmons across the world, which include the following:

  • Atlantic salmon
  • Chinook salmon
  • Chum salmon
  • Pink salmon
  • Masu salmon
  • Coho salmon
  • Sockeye salmon
  • Adriatic salmon
  • Black Sea salmon
  • Australian salmon
  • Danube salmon
  • Indian salmon
  • Hawaiian salmon

so these are some of the varieties of salmons found all over the world but some of those given in the last few points aren’t exactly salmons but they are other fishes named as salmons.

Health benefits of Wild salmon:

The wild salmons have countless health benefits associated with them and here’s a list of some of the important benefits of them:

  • Rich in proteins
  • Great source of omega-3 fatty acids and also DHA and EPA
  • They have all the vitamin B complexes
  • Rich in potassium and selenium
  • Have Antioxidants like Astaxanthin
  • Help in reducing the weight and also reduces the chances for heart diseases
  • Controls inflammation
  • Fish oils are good for the health of the brain.

These are just a few benefits that a wild salmon can add to our health.