The purpose served by the air compressor in the form of the screw machines


The ingersoll rand rotary screw air compressor can actually prove to be the versatile machines which can definitely offer numerous solutions for powering the pneumatic tools. They can also be used for the variety of applications that can help with the industrial job sites. All such tools can actually come in different models and sizes which can also come with the other specific performances in order to meet with all the needs of an air compressor.

Why use the rotary version?

The rotary screw air compressor can prove to be the most reliable, efficient as well as the productive air compressors. There are two parallel rotors which get complemented with the external helical profiles. They can be situated in the stator that can come in combination with the two cylinders. The entire mechanism takes place with the help of the rotary displacement mechanism which helps in producing compressed air can be also used for the variety of industrial applications which can come with the requirement of about 30 horsepower (hp). this makes the device to be the most commonly used compressor which can serve well a diverse range of operations.

rotary version

The element-Rotary Screw Compressor

This is the best and the most sought, chosen air compressor which can be the best in terms of its performances, effectiveness as well as the maintenance. These devices are the ones which can come with the Less Moving Parts  which can also come with plenty of the many movable parts. There is also am an option to get two new advanced technology which can be used with the compressed air production. When there is a decrease in the number of parts, this can actually help in increasing productivity as well as the overall effectiveness of the air compressor.


Easy Maintenance along with the Durability with The screw air compressors can actually bring the longer life span. At a stretch, they can be used for about five to six years in comparison to many other models. All such things can increase the use of the rotary screw compressor.