The new videography method?

Ever taken photos in a photo booth, it was fun wasn’t it? Making goofy faces and reacting to them two minutes later after the photos were developed. Well now with technology being advanced these photo booths are being turned into something more. Ever heard of slow motion video booth, or as many people know now it as the “Glam bot” from the Emmys. Well let me explain.

What is this?

            It is just like a photo booth but with out the actual booth being present, and it’s not photos, but actually a slow motion video. Almost like a boomerang, the videos are captured in high speed and slowed down within the 60 second editing process. Trust me they going to be the hype sometime soon.

How does it work?

First of all the guests will have to step into the booth, or the marker that is placed, and they will be asked to pose, or do an action of some sort and the camera will capture it all at extremely high speeds. After this is done the guest can view the video immediately after they have taken it as the development process is quick.

Why is it becoming a thing nowadays?

Slow motion video booths are a big thing because it’s fun, and interactive, and since it’s new more people will be intrigued to try it. It also created unique memoires, before it was just picture but now it’s more than that. Also the visuals are amazing, any video producers will try to get their hand on it.