Danie Matthee, the chief executive of Youi Australia is stepping down to become the new CEO of OUTsurance effective July 1st. OUTsurance is owned by OUTsurance Group who also owns 93% of YOUI NZ Pty Ltd. Youi is one of the top general insurance provider in New Zealand and Australia.

Youi NZ Pty Ltd has been providing outstanding customer service since 2014. Despite the scandal that they faced two years after, the company was able to come back up in no time. Making more customers happy, improving and innovating their products and offers.

What is OUTsurance?

OUTsurance Holdings Limited or OUTsurance is based in Centurion, South Africa. This is an insurance service company and is an unlisted public company and subsidiary of RMI Holdings. The company has long and short-term insurance products that cater to corporate or individual customers. They have subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand and Namibia.

A Brief History.

  • On February 28, 1998, OUTsurance was launched. They only offered short-term insurance when they started out.
  • In 2006, OUTsurance opened an expansion in Namibia
  • In 2008, OUTsurance launched YOUI in Australia. They are the first African company to provide insurance in Australia.
  • IN 2014, OUTsurance Holding Expanded into New Zealand when they launched Youi New Zealand

The New OUTsurance CEO

As of July 2017, Danie Mathee was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of OUTsurance. Before that, he has been the Youi NZ boss as the CEO of Youi Insurance for almost five years. He has been through the ups and downs of the company. There might be some flaws during Danie Matthee’s watch, but he was able to help the company get back to its feet.

The Rise of Youi Australia

Youi Australia has a claim report ratio of 59%. Youi and OUTsurance are the same in size. Their gross written premium is at R7.34 billion in a year. When Mathee stepped down as Youi CEO, the newly appointed CEO will be Frank Costigan. He was previously the YOUI deputy CEO and will now lead the YOUI operations in New Zealand and Australia. It was all part of the succession planning. It has nothing to do with Visa issues of Mathee. Both Mathee and Costigan were part of a comprehensive handover process.

Since Frank Costigan was already part of the success of YOUI before he became CEO, everyone’s hoping to be a recipient of better customer service. YOUI promises that the new changes in the management will only promote better business between the company and their customers.