The Masculinity and Femininity of Web Design

First impressions last, and this notion is especially true regarding wordpress web design. Once a visitor enters a site, they can immediately tell if the entire website leans more towards the masculine or feminine crowd. Remember that male and female users tend to look at the Internet with different perspectives.

So now the question is, how can you tailor your site to attract more male or female audiences? Read on to know some ideas on what web layouts appeal to each gender as we talk about some stereotypes that’ll help you gain more visitors (and perhaps additional sales if you’re running an online business).

Image Selection

 The first design element every user sees on any web page is the image. The human eyes will automatically draw towards the largest object on the screen, and these are usually pictures, especially when they’re photographs of people. If the website leans more towards attracting male audiences, then use pictures with plenty of sports and activities. Gadgets, electronics, and rugged landscapes also help in attracting male visitors. For sites for the feminine audiences, you ought to consider using images of babies, puppies, flowers, trees, food, clothing and apparel, and anything that’s considered cute.

Font Style

Aside from selecting the right image, font styles also play a role in attracting the masculine or feminine crowd. Many people associate letters through their distinct curves. Slanting font styles lean more towards the feminine crowd whereas strong typefaces tend to be more appealing to male audiences. As a designer, you should look into the smallest details when selecting the right font types. Make sure that it’ll go well in accordance to the entire theme of the website.

Choice of Colors

You can write an entire book about feminine and masculine colors, and you might still have a bit of trouble getting through with the right crowd. Many people associate the color blue to be masculine whereas pink leans more to female individuals. However, color associations are more complicated than just thinking about blue and pink. Do your research well regarding the subject of color as different hues tend to change base on culture and gender. Sometimes age can even play a role when selecting the right color combinations for the site you’re designing.

Know that there are rules to web design that are made to be broken, and this short list doesn’t mean that you have to follow everything to the letter. If you need your site to attract the male or female crowd, or perhaps all genders in general, then consider checking out web design bridgend.