The Luxury Portable Toilets Are The Essential Necessities for Any Event

If you are a party or event organizer and planning to organize a major sporting competition or events like festival or marathon, then it is important for you to take proper care of the biological callings of the attendees and participants. For such scenarios, the best option available to you is Luxury Portable Toilets which are easily available for renting today. They are the best portable restroom solution for the attendees and participants in any event. These restroom facilities are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes and patterns. So, it is necessary for you to review what comes with the larger models and smaller designs and where you need to place the luxury toilets at your event venue.

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Small Trailer Designs of Luxury Portable Toilets

The luxury toilets for men can be installed in very less time and these toilets features a sink, one flush toilets and urinal unit. While the Luxury Portable Toilets for women feature one flashing commode and a sink. The sinks are installed to provide both cold and hot water. The bathrooms also feature low level exterior lighting both at women and men units. In some units air conditioning and heating facilities are also available, but on demand and some of the trailer designs also feature 20amp outlet and garden hose hook-up. The units also comprise 600+ gallons of waste tanks, safety backed glass mirror, city water hook-up and interior recessed ceiling lighting. The smaller luxury restrooms are designed to accommodate more than 500 users over a period of 8-10 hours.

The Huge Trailer Design of Luxury Portable Toilets

There are larger options available if you need to the upgrade Luxury Portable Toilets for your events. The ten trailers design models have both men and women units. The men units feature two separate private units with flushing facilities, three urinals and two sinks. The women unit is very private with five individual flush toilets and two sinks. Just similar to smaller counterparts, the units are equipped with sink pump for hot and cold running water and comprise the garden hose hook-up. The larger models comprise of 900+ gallons of waste holding capacity that can accommodate 1000 people over 10-12 hours.

Where to Place the Luxury Portable Toilets At Events?

Selection of the location must be based on the event type and amount of attendees. Ensure that the Luxury Portable Toilets are placed well which never hinder the main activities.