The cost of Digital Signage outdoor TV

 Finally, the digital revolution has reached the highest level of demand with the latest outdoor pergola TV that now used on the high street, roadsides, and retail parks. With that vast number of audiences, most digital advertisers and signage are focusing on outdoor pergola screen at their perfect choice.

However, there is only one thing that challenges most outdoor screen buyers, and that’s the cost. While the outdoor screens are being manufactured with a wide range, their prices continue to increase. However, there are various shortcuts you can give a try.

Commercial and standard Grade screen

With industrial and standard grade screen and also putting then at LCD enclosure, will absolutely save some extra amount of cash for other investment. Furthermore, the LCD enclosure offers a perfect working place for an LCD screen that will as well expand the lifespan of a screen at an outdoor location. It is only because it will be operating under a suitable temperature range. Here are various advantages of LCD enclosures:

Protects the entire physical screen area

There are multiple advantages an LCD enclosure can offer to the whole of the physical outdoor screen. Here are some of the protections it provides to the screen:

Weatherproof protection

LCD enclosure comes with a feature that ensures that no hostile weather condition will penetrate the physical screen parts.

The cost of Digital Signage outdoor TV

Physical Protection

LCD screen protects the screen from any impact that can occur deliberately or accidentally.

Shatterproof screens

The LCD screen is also designed to protect vulnerable parts of the screen, such as those areas exposed to high voltage.

Temperature controlled surrounding

The LCD screen protector also ensures that TV never freezes or overheated extremely. The mentioned above facets not only enables the regular use of commercial standard grade for outdoor areas.  Besides the fact that it comes at half the prices of an outdoor screen, but it also makes sure the outdoor TV will offer service for a more extended period without damages or accidents.


 LCD enclosure can as well reduce your previous expense on expensive screens. So, it will serve you for a more extended period without damage. As the pergola screen lasts longer, you will also achieve quality pictures from it too. If you want to learn more about LCD enclosure or any other information closely related to this product, feel free to visit any official site that offers a wide range of LCD enclosure products.