Some of the vanilla cards are directly transferable so it is possible to transfer the money.

The users will get a chance to reload the balance if they use the Vanilla visa card on amazon. You can enter the amount on the visa gift card when you follow the simple steps to login into your account. The users will be redirected to a new page when they click on add a card option available on our website. It is possible to transfer the money from one gift card to another as some of the vanilla cards are directly transferable. The gift card balance can be combined by the users based on the method of payment with another gift card.

Terms and conditions of our website:

If you want to make a purchase then you can simply swipe the card by clicking on the credit option. The users who are able to locate the activation sticker which is available on our website can identify their gift card is activated. You can easily reload the additional funds if there is a limit on the amount which you spend for the online purchases. The visa gift card can be transformed into cash if you visit any of the ATM so you can know about your gift card balance. The terms and conditions of our website should be verified by the users if they want to use the prepaid gift cards.

Use the gift cards:

You should be careful during the time of purchase of the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. The users can use the gift cards to purchase the products of their choice as some of the prepaid cards are linked directly to your bank account. You can prefer to use the prepaid debit cards so that you can accomplish the money transfer from the bank account to your prepaid card. If you want to use your card in exchange for the credit card then it is completely your choice. The users who are very much interested to purchase the gift cards can have a look at emergency disposable options available on our website. If you just follow some simple steps then it is possible to convert the visa gift cards into cash.