So You Think You Want A Pet? Three Questions To Ask

Have you heard that common saying before, “dog is a man’s best friend?” So many people would agree that having a pet dog, or any pet for that matter, in their lives can completely transform their lifestyles. Before actually having a pet, you may spot others with their canine friends or feline friends. Walking together in local parks, looking affectionately at one another or snuggling on the sofa in the evening. Even in films and on TV you see all of the benefits that their is to pet ownership, and there are plenty of them. However, it is a huge responsibility and not a decision to be taken lightly. Which is why I thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the top questions that every new owner should be asking, before committing to welcoming a new pet into their lives.

Will your pet fit into your current lifestyle?

While it’s amazing to be thinking about all of the positive changes that can come from having a pet, the one thing many people fail to consider is whether they would fit into their current lifestyles. How many hours do you work per week? How long will your pet be left on their own for? If at all? How about your current weekend commitments? Do you spend a lot of time outside of your home? While, of course, this may be casting a negative shadow on your idea. They are all questions that you need to answer.

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Have you considered whether your home is pet-friendly?

There are plenty of things you can buy and do to your home to ensure that it is pet-friendly, but there are certain aspects of your home that you just don’t have any power to change. There is the style of property you live in. Do you have access to a garden area? Do you live in an apartment on a high floor? Is it practical to have a pet in your home? Is it even allowed? If you don’t own your home and rent, you may find that some landlords frown upon pets in their properties, so make sure you check your contracts before making any huge commitments.

Are you financially capable of providing for a pet dog?

Pets do need a lot of care and attention, and love and affection are free things to give. But there are a lot of physical things they need to ensure that they are comfortable. You may have to consider purchasing pet beds, their food, and even bowls. If you happen to be out of your home for a good portion of the day, something like an automatic dog feeder or other specific equipment could come in handy as well. They can help limit the amount your pet eats while you are not there. Not only is there a financial commitment at the beginning, but some of these costs like food are an ongoing cost. Have you budgeted for that?

After taking into account some of these questions, you may find that you are in a much better place to make an informed decision. Having a pet will transform your lifestyle. It may encourage you to exercise more or provide much-needed company if you live on your own. If you can ensure that you can care for a pet, then it really could be one of the best decisions you make.