Shoe care hacks that you need to know

When you look for the shoes to buy, you will consider the height, size, design, and color. Many would overlook the most important thing whether they are slippery or not. After buying expensive shoes and walking on the tiles or wet places, they feel it slippery. You may prevent one or two falls by catching something near you. But the situation will be not the same all time. So, if you want to make your favorite shoes or heels less slippery, then you need to consider using non slip pads. It is a cost-effective solution and you do not need any other help to do the task for you.

non slip pads

You could easily do it yourself at home. All you need to do is buy high-quality pads from a reliable store. When it comes to shoes care hacks, you will find many options. The DIY methods can be effective but you need to choose the right methods. To choose the best options learn some of the shoe care hacks are given below.

  • You can scuff the outsoles to make the smooth surface into a rough one. It is a simple method that you can do on your own.
  • Another way is that using hair spray but it is not so effective. You have to reapply it after every wear.
  • The less permanent shoe care hack is using adhesive bandages. You can place this on the shoe sole and will give the best grip.
  • You will also find traction spray that provides the best grip and they are resistant to water.
  • If the winter season is on the way, then people choose to use ice grips to the bottoms of the shoes.

Thus, there are several hacks you can do to protect the soles. But for effective results, you need to choose non slip pads. They are highly water-resistant and protects you in all seasons. Unlike any other DIY solution, it is easy to use and does not take much of your time to fix the issue. You have to simply remove the sticker and attach them to your shoe sole. The anti-slip shoe pads use the right technology to increase the traction and you will feel confident while walking.

If you buy the shoe with traction technology it can be expensive. But if you choose a shoe and get the right grip pads, then you’re great to move without any issues. Therefore, choose the right DIY option that makes your shoe or heels less slippery.