Rules of firearm safety – Don’t compromise on these rules! 

Guns are no child’s toy because they have the potential to harm and kill. When not used cautiously or handled incorrectly, they can cause injury or death and cause harm to property. So, no playing around with guns, and one should follow the rules of firearm safety.

There are different rules – safe handling rules, range safety rules, and hunting safety rules.

Safe handling rules 

  1. Treat the gun as if it is fully loaded.
  2. Always point the gun in a safe direction, away from all people.
  3. One should keep their finger straight and a little off of the trigger before firing.
  4. Don’t ever point the gun at anyone or anything that can be damaged.
  5. One should know their target and its surroundings.
  6. One should be aware of the building and property of the gun in use.
  7. One should know and use the appropriate ammunition.
  8. If the gun doesn’t fire after pulling the trigger, it is better to hold the gun in the same direction for a few seconds, and while pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, unload it.
  9. One should not trust the safety mechanism of the gun and take all preventive measures.
  10. One should take a close look at their surroundings to avoid getting distracted.

Rules of firearm safety – the range safety rules 

These rules encourage the shooter to follow the safe handling rules and to know well about the shooting range. They should never case and uncase the gun behind the safety line and do so at the shooting bench. Some other intricate rules need to be followed. So, the shooter must follow the directions of the range master.

Rules of firearm safety – hunting safety rules 

These rules encourage the shooter to follow the safe handling rules at all times. When hunting in groups, the rules call for one person to act as the safety officer to establish each person’s range of firing. The guns should be kept safe until and unless the shooter is ready with the target in sight. In case someone trips and falls, they should work on controlling the muzzle to avoid any accidents.

Guns are fun and adventurous for some people but can be equally dangerous to man and property. So, one should always follow the safe handling, shooting safety, and hunting safety rules to avoid any damage or loss.