Overcome flying phobia in simple steps

It’s unfortunate that many people prefer to use other modes of transport which are time consuming and exhausting when compared to flying just because they are scared. You must first realize that the fear of flying commonly known as flying phobia or “aviophobia” is something very normal and you need not be ashamed of it.

The next thing to make yourself believe that not every plane that takes off crashes and you should avoid watching thrillers including movies and TV series that are about plane crashes and accidents. Try to have a positive outlook towards the whole flight journey. Find the root cause of your fear and pull it right out.

Now you must be wondering how to find the root cause of your fear because you might not really know what it is. Everyone’s fear has a root cause that gives rise to many other types of fear along with it due to the building up of anxiety. For example, if you are scared of flight journeys because you think you may die in a plane crash, you may also get scared about the thought that you might get a heart attack or choke on something while you are in the plane.

Domestic Flights

So what exactly is your fear?

A lot of people worry about plane crashes while some worry about losing control over themselves while they are in the flight to something like a panic attack. The people who worry about crash don’t worry much about death itself but the painful and traumatic experience they have to go through during the last few minutes of their life.

Concentrating much on what is your fear will actually make you think about it a lot more than usual. This is why you need to come up with questions like “why?” as soon as you start listing out your flying fears. Anticipation of what is going to happen when you take a flight, days or weeks before you take your flight will just feed your fear healthier. Some people even start losing sleep and freaking out as soon as they schedule their flights which will force them to cancel their trips or chose another way of transport.

Domestic flights will help you shed off that fear in an easier way since it takes lesser time when compared to international flights. Taking trips on domestic flights often can be a preparation to face that international flying trip which you’ve always been afraid of.

Why is it important to fight your fear?

It is very important to fight your flying fear because deep down under, you know how many of those important life changing experiences you are missing out only because of your fear. You might have to stay back or find some other way to deal with your business partners and clients and might not be able to perform up to your potential because you cannot travel on a plane.