Make Your Wedding More Special And Classy With Wedding Favours

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone. Not only does it hold special importance for the bride and the groom, but the family and friends involved as well. One particular thing that everyone is excited about at a wedding is gifts. This also allows people to show their appreciation and love through their gifts. wedding favours, similarly, serve as a great reminder for the guests in attendance about the wedding festivities.

What Are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are miniature gifts the groom and bride offer their guests as a gesture of gratitude at the marriage ceremony or reception. Wedding favours have been given out for a long time. A bonbonniere is considered one of the first wedding favours, popular among many European aristocracies. They are tiny,  fine jewelry boxes made of precious gems, bone china, or quartz. The typical items in these priceless boxes were sugar crystals or intricate confectioneries, representing wealth and aristocracy. Soon, this trend was widespread, and wedding favours became very popular.

Wedding planning now includes wedding favours on a global scale. Wedding favours come in a wide variety and typically match the occasion’s theme or time of year. Tea lights and fragranced soaps are two examples of traditional favours, along with individual snacks or sweetened almonds. Contemporary and modern gift ideas nowadays include personalised key rings, wine glasses filled with coloured candies, the couple’s favourite music album, and charitable contributions made in their guests’ honour. The couple’s names, the guests, their initials, or the wedding date can all be added to gifts as personalizations.