Lie Detection is A Technique of Private Investigations

Concealing truth is an art that cannot be mastered by all. Hiding an offense is not uncommon and if the private investigators find it tough to know the fact then lie detector test is the only way out. This includes a series of devices and procedures to detect deception about a particular incident. This test and several other techniques are used for the private investigations while uncovering or detecting falsehood. The results help to eliminate one who has been wrongfully accused and identify the real culprit. With complexities in society, the rate of crimes has equally increased and there are many individual who are professional in criminalist action. To get into the bottom of the case, the detectives at times need to decipher the truth and on such cases these techniques help to get productive information.


The team of private investigations usually appoints specialist who is an expert in detection as well as reading the psychology of the suspect. Usually, an expert can read the body language of the suspect and can even identity the deception even if the machine could not detect the answer. Several tests are conducted to check the mental state and at times it can even confuse the subjects who are trained to cheat on typical detector examinations. The examiner should know techniques to get words out of the suspect’s mouth and with time the detectors are so well versed in their job that they do not even need any equipment.

lie detector


The suspect or the subject must not be given the time to meditate or concentrate as a part of preparation to stay calm during the lie detecting test. Rather the UK private investigators should engage him with several questions just before getting on with the interview session. The detector can be conducted in two ways- Diagnostic and Interrogatory applications.

In case of diagnostic procedure, the interviewer tries to get the ultimate truth through a proper diagnosis. The private investigations of this type should be scientifically well organized and the investigative service should appoint trained interviewers to construct questioning techniques carefully. Detail gathered through diagnostic detector examinations are accepted in the court as a part of evidences.

In case of interrogatory procedure, the main aim of the UK private investigators is make the suspect or the subject accept his wrong deeds. They hardly use this detector to detect wrongs rather they create a fear using this instrument as a technique to gather truthful confession. However, this type of interrogations using lie detector is not admissible in the court.


The UK private investigators must discuss in detail about the entire case to the detector examiner. Whereas, the interviewers should cooperate with the investigator and tell them all issues that will be covered on the examination. It is also important to get the consent of the suspect before undertaking the lie detecting test and a set of forms are signed up as an approval to go through the test.

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