How to Make Use of Melanotan 2?

Melanotan peptides are efficacious and safe with long term data. M2 is the freeze dried peptide that is sealed in the sterile and multi-use vial. The tanning injections of the synthetic potent MSH allow for the development of the photo-protective sun tans among all types of skins. But, you need to check out the Melanotan 2 dosage chart before starting with the dose.

Side Effects of Melanotan II

Melanotan injections generally act on the melanocytes to stimulate the melanin production. And Melanin is body’s pigment that is liable for the photoprotective safe tan. The sunless tanning injections start with peptide sequence. Melanotan 2 binds to the melanocortin receptors influencing inflammation, pigmentation, appetite, energy, and sexual function. M2 has the protective amino acid feature that affects melanocortin one, three, four and five receptors.

 Melanotan 2 Hormone

Melanotan II is the small and efficient molecule when compared to linear original Melanotan one design after the natural melanocyte hormone peptide. And Melanotan is 1,000 times potent than the natural MSH.

Melanin skin tanning

skin tanning

People, who do not tan ever, burn in sun, will achieve the natural tan when they are using Melanotan II. And for the people with the sun allergies or mutated receptors, the synthetic melanotropin supplements provide the life changing opportunity. The natural tan developed with time is a best defense against skin cancer, to which fair skin will now attain. Melanotan was made to reduce the cancer rates as well as potentially become very effective as the sunless tanning agent.

Athletes & fitness enthusiasts make use of Melanotan supplement for the accelerated tanning, appetite suppression and libido increase. Melanotan II was dubbed as Barbie drug and is highlighted in the wired magazine. The synthetic melanocortin treatment helps to attain the tan with least amount of the exposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. MII still continues to be one highly effective tanning peptide that is sold on internet.

The pre-loading does will be 2x and 3x smaller than the normal maintenance dosage.  For a reminder, you don’t have to do it unless you’re in rush to get dark in matter of some days.


Most of the sources online sell ineffective product.   Peptides are highly fragile by nature as well as aren’t very effective when they’re taken orally (shakes, pills, etc) because they are broken down by digestive process. But, peptides can be mixed with the bacteriostatic water and injected under skin with the insulin needle.