Not all warts are meant to be treated as they go way on their own most of the time but there are a few conditions in which one would want to treat the wart; if the warts are painful, embarrassing, irritated or they are growing and spreading to other parts of the body then they need to be treated.  Wart removal treatment mainly aims at destroying the wart without creating a scar.

natural wart removal

Warts are usually treated in the following ways:

  • Through cryotherapy
  • By using medicines such as retinoid cream or imiquimod.
  • Surgery such as electro surgery or and laser surgery.
  • By using chemical peels with glycolic acid.

There are a number of home remedies also for wart removal that one can use instead of going to the doctor for treatment. The natural treatments can be any of the following:

  • Lemon grass essential oil- There are a number of essential oils and one of them is the lemon grass essential oil. It is excellent for wart treatment and very effective, it is also good as there is no burning sensation after using it.
  • Thyme essential oil- This can destroy all types of warts; two drops of essential oil are more than enough to treat the warts. Thyme essential oil should be applied after bath as it is more effective it.
  • Duct tape- using a duct tape is actually cheap technique of removing warts. It blocks oxygen and also stops the warts from growing.
  • Banana peels is another home remedy that dissolve the wart completely; if used twice a day it can remove all the warts completely.

So there are both natural and unnatural remedies to treat the warts. Those who do not want to visit a doctor for them can try any one of the home remedies given above.