Hookahs and shishas – The New Age Scourge 

Hookahs are similar to cigarettes which delivers nicotine to your body but it is least toxic than cigarette. It is one of the smoking device. There are two types of hookahs they are traditional hookahs and hookah pens. These traditional hookahs can be seen in hookah bars. People think this hookah is safe for health than the cigarettes. This hookah smoke also contains nicotine it is an addictive drug which is toxic to body. This traditional hookah seems like a water pipe. The smoke which was released from the tobacco passes through the water chamber along the rubber hose to the mouthpiece. The smoke which was released from the mouthpiece the user inhales this. Hookah smoke also contains some dangerous chemicals which hams to the body when they breathe deeply it also effects the lungs. Shisha smoking is also called as water pipe it is originated from Middle East areas of Asia and it is become more popular in UK for many young people. This shishas contain tobacco which is mixed with fruits or molasses sugar. Fruits flavours like apple, strawberry are included to this. For heating the tobacco and to create smoke wood or charcoal is burned in the pipe of shishas. Shishas also contains tobacco which is similar to cigarette. This also contains nicotine so it is also one of the addictive drug for the users. Smoking shishas for one hour is similar to smoking 100 cigarettes. Buzway is one of the popular online site where we can purchase hookahs, shishas, cigarettes and other safe products. This website not only provides the products but also gives the entire information about the products and its safe usage for all the users. This provides the quality products at the best available prices for the users.

Why hookah shisha

Now a days many children wasting their pocket money and putting their life risks by purchasing hookahs and shishas as illegal. The cafes of shishas should seriously take the action and restrict the children who have the age less than 12 years for not entering into the café. They should keep no entry board for minors. Buzway Shisha has higher concentration of toxins than in the cigarette thus it increases risks of causing cancer. Shisha tobacco increases the chance of getting heart disease. Women’s those who are pregnant should strictly restrict for using this because it is risk for mother as well as to the baby also. The baby can be born underweight or baby can face breathing problems. Hookah and shisha smoking has a same amount of nicotine as cigarettes so it leads to the addiction for many users. It is very important for one to check the basic essentials before purchasing it. All the parts like vase, hose pipes, valves, head, gasket etc… needs to be checked properly for any leakages.