Headsets For Gamers – Find Out the Newest Headset Technology For Gamers!

If you are an ps3 console fan, or xbox 360 or personal computer gamer then customizing to the new and advanced gaming headsets will truly aid in getting most from the playing of game. Here are some of the quality enhanced headsets improving your gaming performance. The turtle beach headset consists of wide range of headsets with various features to develop the standards and technology of products for gamers.

Ear force x41 wireless headset

It is the turtle beach’s top model which has no issues of frustrating wires. It is one of the highest gaming headsets created for gamers. Supplied by three triple a batteries which produce fairly more than one day of playing a game. This special technology involved headset consists of chat mic for playing online with multi players. By linking the wireless chat to the game sound you can hear whole thing in the game precisely and with clarity like you never had this feeling before. It has attributes like dolby 7.1 adjoining sound experience with cd standard sound. It utilizes digital RF wireless technology to give non scattered  signal away from and up to thirty feet. Also fully divides the game and chat sound and controls without any flaws in the volume. The chat mic is removable and expandable. Easily used in all platforms of computers and has option of connection to the usb ports. It is one of the best and convenient gaming headsets for gaming lovers.

Elite pro tournament headset

This is a turtle beach gaming headset which has nanoclear speakers of fifty millimeter which profound more coherent and harder audio with low deformity for the game developing with good sound. This turtle beach gaming headsets consists of pro gaming chat mic with tru speak technology which yield high precise cut chat and  confirms that your audio or commands are listened clearly and loudly without any issues or in any condition. The elite pro tournament consists of comfort tec fit system feature is a neoteric multi faced assimilation system that produces total hold over the headband stress and ear cup location. It also has the facility of modifying tune of the headset to the place you want. There are many problems with the ear cups, curving of wires, and sound and more for the gamers. They ask for the headsets which enable comfort and have smooth ear cups. So, the headsets are designed with aero fit ear cushions which give relief and no ear pain. These are soft spandex fabric bonded with distinct cooling gel filled memory foam to protect and make you feel cool while playing the game for long duration. The sidewalls are of leather give consistent sound isolated with what your are hearing and stopping other sounds around you to not disturb and has intense bass for high sound.