Getting Experience Photography Job

Homework and a full course load are not a reason to give up the idea of ​​getting a separate job as a photographer. Both work and study can be combined into a series of experiences that complement and reinforce each other. Take your camera to work on campus. You may be paid to take photos for a spring college dance group show, become a photojournalist for the school newspaper, or work part-time in a darkroom after school.

An aspiring photographer always has the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace.

Perhaps classmates ask you to photograph their work for their portfolio, for example, or the photography instructor you are reviewing is looking for an assistant. Many jobs that hire photographers on campus have hidden benefits. If the fraternity pays you to walk and take pictures at their annual ceremony,  Or, if the holidays are not for you, how about football photos for your local newspaper’s sports section? Work, study, and play will never be as compatible as your years as a photographer, so grab your camera and take advantage of it! Summer is a time for more than just lounging around and going to the beach. Or at least, if those trips are necessary, bring your camera with you!

photography business

To find opportunities closer to home, start your search by searching your university’s network for alumni and affiliated companies that may hire interns. Or search the Internet for photography jobs dallas search sites and local classifieds for companies looking for a summer worker. If this search doesn’t return any results, literally take matters into your own hands. Nothing says more about your determination than walking to local photo studios and galleries with a resume and portfolio at hand.

Looking for more personal experience in your summer job, and are you annoyed by the idea of ​​working with another photographer? Then see how a summer business works for you: sell originals and prints at art exhibitions or an online store, or hire yourself as a freelancer for an organization that may need good photos. Wherever you go on your college vacation, always carry your camera with you, trying to find the right angle and a good opportunity.


Be sure to hone your photography skills outside of class while you are in college. Learn how to network, bargain with printers, and figure out what you can and cannot do in your business from more experienced photographers. Stay in the photography industry, and after graduation, it will be much easier for you to move from school to work.