Get Cheap Flights to Durban

Durban is a beautiful coastal city that attracts travelers not only from South Africa but from across the world. Its golden coastal beaches, varied cultures and cuisine inspired by India have made it a popular destination of South Africa. There is no wonder then that people from all the corners of the world are trying to lay their hands at some cheap flights to Durban at all times of the year. If you are one of those looking for an economical holiday in Durban, our article will be quite informative for you.

Why you must look for cheap flights to Durban?

Besides being a beautiful location, Durban is a friendly place and a convenient destination that gives you enough reasons to look for some cheap flights to visit the place soon. We discuss a few facts about the city here:

  1. Language used

While the travelers can expect to experience any of the eleven official languages that are used in South Africa, English is among the most commonly used there.

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  1. Weather

The weather in Durban is primarily Mediterranean, sub tropical and humid. The summers are hot, winters are dry and there is no snow at all.

  • Summers: The Summer months are December and January and the average temperature then is around 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Winters: The middle of the year is considered winter which is around the month of July. The average temperature then is around 17 degrees Celsius.
  1. Best time to visit Durban

The most favorable time to visit Durban is between June and August which is the winter season there. The weather is mostly dry then and has minimal rainfall when compared to the summer months that are hot and humid. Overall, it’s a pleasant weather to travel.

  1. Basic expenses in Durban

If you are in Durban city, your basic expenses will be an average of the expenses you would have incurred, had you been in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

  1. Modes of Transport in Durban

If you are in Durban, you will never have to think about a safe mode of transport to use, actually there are many! If you have to travel around the city, you can get taxis and avail bus service. There is also an option of metered taxi but that can be a little expensive. To top up all the convenience, one can easily find the internationally recognized ‘Uber’ services as well.