Facts about 1921 silver dollar should know

It is mainly a US dollar coin which was manufactured or minted from the year 1878 t the year 1904 and after that since, 1921. This coin was primarily made up of 90% of silver and 10% of copper, and also it measured around 1.5 inches in diameter and weighed around 412.5 grains. And also the thing which made 1921 silver dollar coin is that it is highly detailed.

Some details of1921 silver dollar

This coin has been detailed much correctly, which made it highly famous throughout the world. There are many details regarding this coin present which you need to now. Here are some among them-

  • This coin was around 1.5 inches in diameter and 412.5 gain in weight.
  • The reverse of this coin was dominated by American Eagle which has outstretched wings, clutching into an olive branch and also has arrows of the war in talons.
  • This coin also features head which is left facing and has a portrait of Lady Liberty, which was a liberty cap along with a ribbon below that cap.

1921 silver dollar

Impressive facts about 1921 silver dollar

There are many unique things as well as facts are present, so this coin which made it famous all over the world. These facts also give a lot of information about the history of this coin. Here are some exciting facts among them-

  • Since, the coin’s design had taken place before formal passing of Bland-Allison act, originally the design was intended for sung for a half dollar.
  • This coin has an unusual depiction of an American eagle on its reverse; due to its many people refer this coin as Buzzard dollar.
  • A school teacher of Philadelphia was the one who was used as a model for Lady Liberty in design.

1921 silver dollar is a famous United States coin which is made up of 90% of silver and 10% of copper. Also, this coin has an American eagle in its reverse, which makes it more beautiful. You can buy this coin from online sites by following some easy and simple steps.