Designing A Supply Chain Tracking Software

Designing software includes certain phases depending upon the model being implemented. Still, one of the most important and common phases in designing software is that the developer has to keep customer requirements and budget in mind. The software developed may be suited for an individual, an organization, or public use, and here we discuss supply chain tracking software. Before indulging in the requirement and designing phase, we should at least know the supply chain.

Supply Chain

To manufacture and distribute a product or a service, the web amidst the manufacturer and distributors occurs, and this web integration is known as the supply chain. It comprises certain steps like developing a product, marketing or promotion of the product, distribution, monetary, operations, and services to consumers referred to as customers.

Software designing

We have briefly understood what a supply chain is, so it would be easy to think what a developer should consider when designing a supply chain tracking software. For the tracking part in the software, every stage requires it. Here the tracing requirements are stated below:

Product development phase: the work status could come under the tracking part.

Marketing phase: It would keep track of the response rate, and if the consumers, unfortunately, are not inclined towards the products, then the track of reasons.

Distribution phase: It would require tracking the number of products distributed, the number of areas covered, and the amount left.

Financial phase: We need to keep track of profit/loss coverage, and the funds gathered to invest in the next product. The Profit/Loss rate would also tell how the product or service launched in the market is doing.

Customer Service Phase: Track complaints/reviews or assistance required by the customers and gather reports on what needs to be fixed in a launched service or product.

Operation phase: Track the stage of every operation applied.