Construction Clean-Up in Asheville – Making New Buildings More Beautiful

When a construction project is completed, it is an exciting time for everyone involved – the workers, the client, and the contractor. While you might think this is the last stage of a project, it is not. The step that remains is the follow-up cleaning. Without completing this step, you cannot really say the project has been finished. If you are looking for a construction clean up in Asheville, keep reading.

Phases of cleaning

Cleaning everything at once is not efficient, it has to be completed in phases for better results. The steps include:

  • Rough clean

It involves the removal of large items such as debris, leftover materials, trash, and other things. Removal of stickers (if there are any) also comes in this.

  • Light clean

This phase requires the most work and cleaning equipment and tools. Installed items like sinks, windows, toilets, doors, and cabinets are thoroughly cleaned. It is the phase because of which the client hires a professional service of cleaning.

  • Final clean

It is also called touch-up cleaning and is the last step in the process. The settled dust and dirt are cleaned along with smudges, fingerprints, and other minor imperfections that may have been left in the earlier clean-up phases.

Stratus Building Solutions is one of the most desirable services in Asheville. You ask why? You are about to know. No matter how efficiently the building is made, it is incomplete without post-cleanup, and that is exactly where construction clean-up in Asheville comes into the equation.

The company treats every project the same, the staff is happy to help you with a range of services, such as:

  • Polishing fixtures, lighting, and vents
  • Cleaning and polishing windows
  • Washing baseboards and balls
  • Tile grout extraction
  • VCT strip and wax
  • Deep cleaning of ceramic tiles
  • Power washing

The staff of the cleaning company is expert in every kind of duty performed by them. The company also ensures that the clients get safe, eco-friendly, and effective solutions. The green services ensure that no chemicals or hazardous fumes are left behind. You can breathe fresh and easy in your newest establishment.

You can be assured of quality work at your convenience.