The New OUTsurance CEO

Danie Matthee, the chief executive of Youi Australia is stepping down to become the new CEO of OUTsurance effective July 1st. OUTsurance is owned by OUTsurance Group who also owns 93% of YOUI NZ Pty Ltd. Youi is one of the top general insurance provider in New Zealand and Australia. Youi NZ Pty Ltd has been providing outstanding customer service since 2014. Despite the scandal that they faced two years after, the company was able to come back up in no time. Making more customers happy, improving and innovating their products and offers. What is OUTsurance? OUTsurance Holdings Limited or OUTsurance is based in Centurion, South Africa. This is an insurance service company and is an unlisted public company and…continue reading →

Why choose online insurance today?

The internet penetration is growing in India and the young team of working professionals are turning comfortable increasingly with the online transactions. They see surge in the e-commerce in country too. There are more than millions of people that are active on Internet and expect to turn as the biggest country through internet use. Most of the growth is drive by e-commerce as all clients are continuing to make use of online platform to buy the products and services, from bill payments to banking and books. The insurance sector is also part of the story of e-commerce growth with online insurance going fast. Scroll now With the present term plans in the industry of life insurance, they all are getting…continue reading →