Benefits of open ear bone conduction

As the headsets rest on your cheekbones, the ears canals are left unlocked, allowing sound waves to skip the eardrum. As a consequence, you could still perceive background noises over you while wearing headphones, with no compromise of audio quality and no obstruction of your ear holes. Once you have heard the sound, you wouldn’t want to listen to in-ear earphones again. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of aftershokz headphones singapore. 

Increased situational awareness

Closing one-off from the outer world also reduces your ability to hear railroads, automobile horns, cycling rings and other alarm screams. You could hear somebody running or cyclist arriving back of you using bone conduction headsets, and you could stay in contact with your working environment and hear your co-workers while always listening to music. Even when you’re immersed in your little world, you’re constantly linked to the outside world. 

More comfortable fit

Few activities are much more infuriating than walking or jogging with your left earphone hanging by the cable since it can’t remain in when you begin to work out sweating. These headphones have a significant benefit in that they do not come out. 

Clean and hygienic

New research of earphones discovered that earplugs may harbor massive developing bacterial units, which could also multiply even more when you actively sweating! Germs thrive in warm, moist environments, so have a peek at how filthy your earphones are! Ready to be astounded! Open-ear headsets are a much cleaner alternative for earphones.