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Intuitive Journaling


Each day, you receive multiple intuitive messages. My 2007-2009 Intuitive Journals (below) are designed to show you one way
to record, track and validate your intuitive messages that result in your intuitive experiences. In my journals, I list a few of
my monthly intuitive experiences. Use a notebook, diary or computer file to journal your intuitive experiences. Validations come
instantly or within minutes up to years.


Date Intuitive Message Validation
01/03/09 Intuitive seeing—I dreamed I heard the word, 3P. It meant peace, protection, and prayer. I have peace, protection, and prayer in my life.
01/21/09 After I awakened this morning, in my inner ear, I intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—Aretha Franklin's song, "Rock Steady." I must maintain steadiness in my life.
02/07/09 Intuitive seeing—I dreamed a friend beautifully sang Diana Ross' song, "Touch Me in the Morning," at a talent contest. I was amazed because I didn't know she could sing. I told my friend about the dream. I had known her for two years and never heard her sing one note. She said she could sing and sung in a church choir, as a teenager.
02/17/09 Intuitive seeing—I dreamed I watched a TV program. At the bottom of the TV screen, a news bulletin flashed that a former NFL player had died. Time will tell if this dream is prophetic for the NFL player.
03/06/09 I drove to a grocery store. Inside, I picked up a package of chicken. In my stomach, I intuitively felt a discomforting feeling—intuitive feeling—that indicated it wasn't good to eat, even though the chicken looked fresh, and the package stated no hormones or artificial ingredients had been added. I intuitively felt certain the package statements weren't 100% true. I left the package of chicken in the store, to prevent getting sick.
03/27/09 I intuitively felt led—intuitive feeling—to finish taking my final college class today, rather than waiting until the next day. I finished the class faster than I thought I would and had time to do other things.
04/01/09 I finished developing a spreadsheet listing items I donated to charity. I saved the file and prepared to close it when I intuitively felt a discomforting feeling—intuitive feeling—that indicated something was wrong with the file—an error. I reviewed the file and discovered my numbering was off, for items 50 through 60. I corrected it.
04/22/09 Intuitive seeing—I dreamed a famous male singer, a former member of a successful R&B group, recorded a hit song that revitalized his career, but he still publicly struggled with drug problems. This male singer hasn't re-emerged, with a new hit single, at this time.
05/10/09 I thought about driving to a particular state park the next day, but didn't feel like driving for two hours. Intuitive seeingA vision flashed in my mind's eye. The vision showed another park located twenty minutes from my home. I hadn't been there in years, and it was a good choice. I drove to the scenic, peaceful park and snapped beautiful pictures. The energy there felt great.
05/24/09 Intuitive feelingI intuitively felt guided to attend my city's Memorial Day event in Veteran's Park. I'd never attended the event. I had a great time and met many military veterans. Being an Army veteran myself, I got to stand when military personnel were honored, as a band played their theme songs.
06/06/09 I awakened and intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—Mariah Carey's and Boyz II Men's song, "Sweet Day," in my inner ear. I realized an elderly cousin's funeral was going to be held today in TN. She's in heaven with her other family members.
06/28/09 I awakened and an inner vision rolled in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing.The vision showed a man attacking an older cousin. I phoned my sister and asked her to warn our cousin about the man whom they both knew.
07/06/09 Intuitive feelingI stopped in a bookstore and intuitively felt a strong feeling to purchase Neale Donald Walsch's book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything. I did, though the book wasn't the one I searched for. The book provided helpful insights about people's perspectives of change.
07/15/09 Intuitive hearingin my temporal lobes, I intuitively heard Joe Cocker's and Jennifer Warnes' song, "Love Lifts Us Up," when I drove to my bank. Intuitive feeling I intuitively felt abundance in my body, for which I am grateful. I am surrounded by abundance.
08/02/09 Yesterday, my home computer alerted me to back up my files. I usually ignore it, but that time I intuitively felt compelled to do sointuitive feeling. Today, I accidentally overwrote my website's home page file on my computer and uploaded it to the web server, before I realized what happened. I used the backed up file to restore my home page within five minutes. Otherwise, it would have taken an hour or two to recreate it.
08/21/09 I watched a TV minister. He said something that I intuitively felt stick in my mindintuitive feeling. He quoted a famous entertainer who stated, "Live into the picture." I need to live my dreams, as if they're already happening.
09/12/09 Intuitive feelingI intuitively felt an urge to call one of my brothers, after participating in an Intuitive fair. The time was 7:00 PM. I checked my home phone's Caller ID and saw that my brother had called me at 5:09 PM, when I was still at the fair.
09/19/09 I drove to a department store to purchase a gospel CD. I didn't see it in the music section. Intuitive hearingin my inner ear, I intuitively heard a gentle voice say, "Xtreme Clear nail polish is on the shelf." I had purchased a bottle in another store the day before. After having looked for it in this store for weeks, I ventured over to the shelf to see for myself. Four bottles were there, and I grabbed one. The price was thirty cents cheaper than the other department store.
10/14/09 Intuitive seeingI dreamed that a well-known, female politician suddenly died due to a health condition. Someone told me and then I saw breaking news on TV. Time will tell if this event happens to her or another female politician.
10/30/09 I sat at my work desk. In my bones, I intuitively felt the presence of a co-workerintuitive feeling, though she wasn't yet at work. Her work hours varied each day. Seconds later, I saw her walk into the room. Her spiritual presence had preceded her physical arrival.
11/12/09 Intuitive seeingI dreamed a woman healed her own scars. I told her friend to ask for her help to be healed faster. Many healers exist in this world.
11/25/09 Driving through Middle Tennessee, I intuitively felt a strong feeling to stop at a rest stopintuitive feeling, as I felt sleepy. I often rolled down the window and drove on, until I reached my destination. I stopped at the next rest stop and relaxed for forty-five minutes.
12/05/09 While my items were being scanned in a store, the cashier stepped away from the cash register to move parked shopping carts from the entrance. In a corner, I noticed a box containing rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. Intuitive hearingin my inner ear, I intuitively heard my inner voice say, "Get one before the cashier comes back." I hesitated because I didn't think I needed wrapping paper. Intuitive seeingan inner vision rolled in my mind's eye. The vision showed me running out of wrapping paper, as I wrapped gifts. I purchased a roll of Christmas wrapping paper.
12/21/09 I needed to clean my family room carpet tonight and realized I had run out of carpet cleaner. Intuitive seeingI intuitively saw an inner vision roll in my mind's eye. The vision showed a memory trigger - my brother-in-law cleaning his daughter's apartment carpet with a mop and cleaning solution. I used a mop and dishwashing liquid to clean the carpet. It worked without damaging the carpet.
Date Intuitive Message Validation
01/04/08 At a local theater, I watched the movie, The Great Debaters. I felt such appreciation and inspiration that when I thought about the move after it ended, in my temporal lobes,I intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—the following question: Which is better, to quote or to experience? For me, it's better to experience life events that enhance your life and the lives of others, rather than quote someone else's experience. Yet, we all have different experiences that are appreciated and inspiring.
01/26/08 I drove to a bookstore to see if they had Louise Hay's latest DVD in stock. I had to order it. On my way to the front door, I intuitively felt guided—intuitive feeling—to go to the metaphysical section. I found Don Miguel Ruiz's book, The Voice of Knowledge. I browsed it, loved it and bought it. This book increased my spiritual knowledge and led me to evaluate past and present untruths.
02/12/08 A friend told me her daughter had lost her violin and thought it was located somewhere in between the apartments they moved from and into, during the weekend. An inner vision rolled in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing. The vision showed the violin at her daughter's school and inside a music room. I told my friend. She sensed it was there, too. Three days later, my friend confirmed her daughter found her violin at school, in the orchestra room where she'd accidentally left it.
02/15/08 As I exited an office building bathroom, an inner vision flashed in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing. The vision showed the face of the next woman who'd walk in. She was a colleague whose office was located three doors from my office. A second later, the colleague walked in, but I didn't mention the vision.
03/04/08 Driving home from work, an inner vision rolled in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing. The vision showed one of my aunts driving her car and the brakes failing. I called my aunt and told her about the vision. She said she'd have her car brakes checked.
03/14/08 All day long I kept seeing contaminated food in a vision rolling in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing. I thought about stopping at a few food eateries to get something to eat after work, but the vision kept replaying. I decided to eat leftover food I'd prepared at home—no sense in taking a chance and getting sick from unsanitary food preparation.
04/04/08 I intuitively felt a certain feeling—intuitive feeling—that a friend-recommended hair salon/hair stylist wouldn't cut my hair the way I wanted, though I showed her a picture of a model displaying the exact hairstyle. I had the hair stylist re-cut my hair in the style I wanted.
04/21/08 As I awakened this morning, in my inner ear, I intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—the Fifth Dimension's song, "Up, Up and Away." The song helped me get out of bed and prepare for work, though I wanted to sleep longer.
05/10/08 As I drove on Interstate 40 West, outside of Nashville, TN, I ran into traffic congestion. An inner vision flashed in my mind's eyeintuitive seeing. The vision showed a traffic accident had occurred two miles ahead. It took an hour to reach the location where a serious accident involving 18-wheelers had occurred two miles ahead.
05/18/08 As I drove on a highway, in my chest, I intuitively felt a pulling sensation—intuitive feeling—to turn into a shopping plaza I had been in many times. I spotted a natural products shop I hadn't noticed before. Two weeks earlier, I found out my usual natural products shop was no longer located in another shopping plaza, and I wanted to find another one close to my home. My gift of intuitive feeling alerted me to the location of a natural products shop, before I took the time to look through the yellow pages or search the Internet.
06/14/08 I left a voice message for a friend and intuitively knew—intuitive knowing—he'd call me back at a late time, though he usually called during the afternoon. My friend called me at 11:30 p.m.
06/30/08 I drove to a bank to make a deposit. The bank would close in ten minutes, and I hoped the outside lanes weren't full. Intuitive seeing—a vision rolled in my mind's eye. The vision showed one vehicle in one bank lane. I arrived at the bank and saw one white van in one of the bank lanes. Three other lanes were open for me to use.
07/16/08 I intuitively felt an urge—intuitive feeling—to call an aunt who I hadn't spoken to in a while. I didn't sense anything was wrong, but just wanted to see how she was doing. I called my aunt, and she said she awakened with me on her mind and wondered when was the last time we'd spoken. She is doing well.
07/27/08 I shopped in a grocery store and saw various desserts in the bakery section. Though they physically looked and smelled delicious, I still intuitively smelled a foul odor—intuitive smelling—"out in space." The intuitive smell (foul odor) contradicted the physical smell (delicious). It informed me the desserts shouldn't be eaten. I didn't buy any.
08/07/08 I intuitively felt a strong feeling in my spirit—intuitive feeling—to drive to a local metaphysical bookstore I hadn't visited in a while. In the bookstore, I felt guided to purchase two books I hadn't heard of - Soul Prints by Marc Gafni and HUNA, A Beginner's Guide by Enid Hoffman. I am certain these books will aid my spiritual growth.
08/17/08 I planned to trim several large hedges in my yard and intuitively felt certain—intuitive feeling—it wouldn't take me hours, as it did before. It took me about 40 minutes, and the portable hedge trimmer worked the whole time, without having to recharge its battery.
09/08/08 I had been trying to reach a friend to see how she was doing. She didn't answer my last voice message. Around 10:00 a.m., I starting writing my next book on my computer. Intuitive hearing—in my inner ear, I intuitively heard a gentle voice say, "Call her now." I called her at that moment and she answered the phone. We talked for about an hour.
09/29/08 Intuitive hearing—in my inner ear, I thought about a cousin I hadn't spoken to in some time. She called in the afternoon, and we talked for about twenty minutes.
10/11/08 Driving home from a health fair, intuitive hearing—I intuitively heard Jennifer Hudson's song, "Spotlight," playing in my inner ear. Intuitive feeling—I intuitively felt guided to turn on my vehicle radio because the song was being played, at that moment. I turned on my vehicle radio and switched between four FM radio stations. I caught the end of her song playing on one of the radio stations.
10/28/08 I finished reading Gregg Levoy's wonderful book, Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life. I intuitively felt an energy boostintuitive feeling—the entire time I read his book. The book provided knowledge and insight into understanding my calling.
11/04/08 I drove to the ATM and intuitively felt a strong feeling—intuitive feeling—to withdraw more money than I planned to, on my way to my hair consultant. It cost more to have my hair done, as it took longer than expected.
11/19/08 After I awakening, in my temporal lobes, I intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—Sounds of Blackness' song, "I Believe." The song provided the inspiration I needed.
12/13/08 After participating in an Intuitive Readings & Health Fair, I intuitively felt a strong feeling—intuitive feeling—that many people will begin to use their spiritual gifts in 2009. Some will have a choice, but others won't, as their life mission goes into full force. Next year, 2009, is a more powerful, spiritual year, than previous years.
12/22/08 After I awakened this morning, in my temporal lobes, I intuitively heard—intuitive hearing—Survivor's song, "Eye of the Tiger." The song gave me the energy to complete tasks I needed to do, before the holidays.
Date Intuitive Message Validation
05/06/07 Intuitive seeing—I dreamed I exited an expressway to get to Building 2000. I found myself inside the parking garage of Building 1928 with two male workers. Building 1928 was unstable, and I had to slide to get to the walkway of the garage. Next, I found myself in Building 2200. It was my first day at work. There were people inside, but the power hadn't been turned on. It's not time to change jobs—no power. Also, the number, 2020 (Building 2200), dropped in the Pick 4 lottery game the next day. I didn't play it.
05/11/07 I intuitively felt a strong feeling in my chest—intuitive feeling—a home furnace/vent cleaning company would show up earlier than their scheduled time of 1:00 p.m. However, I made it a point to be home by 12:45 p.m. and no sooner. I was enjoying browsing through books at a bookstore in a nearby city. One of the company cleaners told me they'd stopped by my home at 11:30 a.m. because another customer had a 2:00 p.m. appointment.
05/17/07 A friend's daughter baked me some delicious cookies. I ate more than I should have, while driving home from work. Later that evening, I started to grab another cookie to eat. Intuitive hearing—in my temporal lobes, I intuitively heard a stern voice say, "You don't have to eat them all in one day." The voice sounded like a cousin whose nickname is Cookie. I didn't need to eat anymore cookies that evening. I left them alone, until the next day, to prevent a sugar overload.
06/09/07 Intuitive hearingin my temporal lobes, I thought about one of my younger brothers, for no special reason. He unexpectedly called about thirty minutes later.
06/18/07 I prepared to leave work at 3:20 p.m. and drive to a nearby camera shop to place a 35 mm camera on consignment. "They're closed," I intuitively heard a gentle voice say in my inner ear—intuitive hearing. "Call them and see." I didn't call them, but drove to the shop and found out they were indeed closed, though the front door sign stated the store was opened on Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The camera shop was closed, just as the gentle voice stated.
06/27/07 I previously told a colleague that I sensed his paternal ancestors originated in the Cameroon or Congo areas in Africa. I had looked at a map of Africa and my eyes intuitively felt guided—intuitive feeling—to those areas. A few weeks later, my colleague emailed me his DNA-genealogy results that showed his paternal ancestors came from an African tribe who originated in Cameroon.
07/01/07 A friend told me that her son had been incarcerated, and she didn't think he'd be released until August. An inner vision paused in my mind's eye—intuitive seeing. The vision showed the word, July. I told her he'd be released in July because he was wrongfully accused of something he didn't do. Four days later, my friend called and stated that her son was released. I jokingly reminded her that it was still July.
07/14/07 I had a hard time pushing up the door/stairs to the attic after changing furnace filters. It wouldn't budge. I tried using a hammer to pound back the brackets and using a wrench to loosen screws. Neither worked. An inner vision flashed in my mind's eye—intuitive seeing. The vision showed a small bottle of sewing machine oil. I didn't have any in the house. Another vision flashed in my mind's eye. The vision showed a bottle of hair oil, which I kept underneath my bathroom sink. I used it to soak the bracket screws. It worked. I had no problems pushing up the door/stairs. Hair oil wasn't something I would have thought to use, so I laughed when it worked.
07/22/07 An inner vision rolled in my mind's eye—intuitive seeing. The vision showed a criminal handing around a friend's apartment building. He stood 6'2" and had short brown hair, greenish blue eyes and a scrubby beard. He doesn't know anyone who lives in that apartment building, and looks to start trouble. (I told my friend to tell her daughter to watch out for him, especially when she walks their dog.) Fortunately, this vision hasn't occurred and fortunately hasn't been validated.
08/10/07 On 08/09/07, I called a metaphysical store to verify if an intuition development class would occur, as listed in their weekly email. A staff member replied, "Yes." Before I drove to the store, intuitive speaking—my inner voice erupted, "Call the store to verify the class will be held." The class date was misprinted in the store's monthly magazine and weekly email. The class is scheduled for 08/31/07.
08/19/07 I glanced at a bookshelf in my home office and intuitively felt a stirring in my spirit—intuitive feeling—to re-read the William Brohaugh's book, Write Tight. I re-read the book, and it helped me better edit my next book, Let's Talk Intuition.
08/31/07 I couldn't find a template on the Internet to print my logo on 5/8" x 7/8" multi-use labels (6 columns, 5 rows), I purchased from Staples. An inner vision rolled in my mind's eye—intuitive seeing. The vision showed the creation of a Microsoft Word table to print the labels. I created the table using Microsoft Word. After format changes, I successfully printed my logo on the labels.
09/07/07 I intuitively felt an impulsive feeling in my heart—intuitive feeling—to leave work one hour early. I did, and it allowed me ample time to run errands and set up my vendor booth at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Atlanta, before they closed for the evening.
09/15/07 In my home, I intuitively smelled cigarette smoke—intuitive smelling. A paternal aunt visited me. She smoked cigarettes, before she passed away in the 1980s.
10/16/07 In my rearview mirror, I saw a vehicle being driven close behind me, as I exited I-75 North and prepared to enter I-285 West. Intuitive feeling—I intuitively felt certain in my bones, the driver would pass me, then cut in front of me at the last minute. The driver did what I sensed and almost caused a three-vehicle accident, as another driver entered the transition point. I hit my brakes, and all ended well.
10/20/07 I intuitively felt guided in my bones—intuitive feeling—to call a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while. I called her, and she said, "I must have talked you up because I was thinking about you last night while watching TV. We had the same thought to call each other on Sunday.
11/02/07 Intuitive hearing—in my temporal lobes, I intuitively heard Prince's song, "Let's Go Crazy." I was headed home after work. It was Friday, and it felt like it was time to party like crazy.
11/17/07 I purchased Alicia Keys new CD. I love her current hit, "No One." I got into my vehicle and wanted to hear that song, but didn't insert her CD into the CD player. I intuitively heard her song playing in my temporal lobes—intuitive hearing. I turned on the radio and switched to FM 95.5, a station I almost never listen to. Alicia Keys' song was playing on that FM station.
12/19/07 I felt ill after eating Christmas dinner with my colleagues last night. I ate a mixed salad, baked salmon and chocolate mousse. I should have bypassed dessert. I made a cup of hot tea to help settle my stomach. "Drink coke," my inner voice eruptedintuitive speaking.  I heard it in my temporal lobes—intuitive hearing. I drank a full can of coca cola and felt much better.
12/23/07 Intuitive seeing—I have a recurring dream about a famous, male professional wrestler having a near-death-experience. In the first dream, he is Caucasian and wouldn't talk about it. In the second dream, he is African American and wrote a book about it, which I purchased for $21.55. I don't know who this dream pertains to, at this time.


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