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Intuition Facts & Tips

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Intuition Facts
1 Everyone is born with intuition.
2 Men are as intuitive as women. Adults are as intuitive as children.
3 To communicate intuitive messages to you, your intuition uses eight intuitive senses: seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, tasting, smelling, speaking and singing.
4 Intuitive senses can gradually or suddenly become active (subtly or dramatically) at any age. Subtle ways include meditation and body massages. Dramatic ways include severe illnesses or injuries.
5 Intuitive senses communicate intuitive messages anytime and anywhere, regardless of the state of your physical body (e.g., energetic, tired, healthy, injured, ill, relaxed, stressed).
6 Intuitive senses communicate intuitive messages to you while you are awake and asleep.
7 Intuitive senses provide guidance and protection throughout your lifetime and can be used in all areas of life (e.g., career, finance, health, personal relationships).
8 Everyone has multiple intuitive senses (not just one or two) that independently or jointly communicate intuitive messages.
9 People have similar and unique intuitive experiences.
10 Intuitive senses transcend time and can be used to obtain information about the past, present and future.
11 Intuitive senses transcend space and can be used to obtain information about people, place, things and situations located hundreds or thousands of miles away.
12 Intuitive senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, tasting, smelling, speaking and singing) differ from the physical senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell). For example, the physical sense of sight allows a person to see, excluding technological advantages, only what is physically before or around him/her in present moments. The intuitive sense of intuitive seeing allows a person to see extended information (e.g., future job promotion, birth of a child, misdiagnosed health condition) without time or space barriers. To physically see, the physical eyes are open. To intuitively see, the physical eyes can be open or closed.

Intuition Tips
1 Discover how, when and where your intuition communicates intuitive messages to you; each person is unique.
2 For each intuitive message you receive, notice which of the eight intuitive senses communicated it to you.
  • Intuitive Seeing: Do visions flash, pause or roll "out in space" or in your mind's eye without using your physical eyes? Do you remember your dreams upon awakening? Visions and dreams include people, homes and objects.

  • Intuitive Feeling: Do you experience feelings and sensations in your body without external stimuli causing them? Feelings and sensations include excitement, hunches, heat and chills.

  • Intuitive Hearing: Do you hear different sounds "out in space" or in your head, throat or heart without using your physical ears? Sounds include thoughts, music and noises.

  • Intuitive Knowing: Do you just know things without knowing how you know?

  • Intuitive Tasting: Do you taste various substances without putting anything in your mouth? Tastes include foods, beverages and textures.

  • Intuitive Smelling: Do you smell various scents in your inner nose or "out in space" without using your physical nose? Scents include perfumes, flowers and temperatures.

  • Intuitive Speaking: Do you abruptly speak sayings without thinking what to say? Sayings are prophetic, wise and problem-solving.

  • Intuitive Singing: Do you suddenly sing songs without hearing external music? Songs are inspirational, revelatory and problem-solving.

3 When you think about discounting or ignoring any intuitive message you receive, hold on to it for validation, no matter how strange, impossible or ridiculous it seems. Validation comes today or later.
4 Fear can keep you from acting on life changing or life-saving intuitive messages.
5 Keep an intuitive journal to record, track and validate your intuitive messages. You receive multiple intuitive messages each day.


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