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Client Testimonials


Darlene Pitts provides intuition consultations, coaching, readings, and live and Internet presentations to clients across the U.S. and in Canada. Below are client testimonials:


"Thanks so much for a truly fascinating and inspiring reading! I look forward to reading your book!" —L.G., California
"Darlene sent me a detailed chart and told me over the phone where my intuitive gifts are in twenty-four areas of life. Some gifts I was aware of and some I am now aware of since speaking with her. She's beautiful, amazing and very accurate. Thank, you Darlene." —B.F., California
"Darlene is a great intuitive teacher, and very gifted and encouraging. I feel more confident about this gift of mine and how to use it." —D.C., Georgia
"Before I attended Darlene's class on tapping into your intuition, I had a very hard time in making decisions. I would always keep changing my mind and keep wondering if the decision I made was the right one. Intuition was somewhere in the back of my mind, so I was always in doubt about the decision I had made. Darlene taught me how to go with the feeling my body was telling me. Since then, I feel completely at peace with my body and my decisions. I don't think I've ever had a happier time in my life." —R.G., Georgia
"Wonderful introduction to intuition, with lots of exercises to use at home, to grow in awareness of intuition."     —C.B., Georgia


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