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Intuition Books


Let's Talk Intuition


121 Questions & Answers
to Help You Use More of Your Inner Guidance Every Day


ISBN: 978-097855893-2

© 2012, $14.95

How do I trust my intuition?
Can my intuition help me reduce stress?
How do I use my intuition to find a good relationship?

In Let's Talk Intuition, intuition consultant Darlene Pitts answers these questions and many others clients have asked her over ten years, to show you how quick and easy it is to use your intuition at home, work, school, and play right now. She describes the ways your intuition helps you save money, time, and energy in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, and relationships. Protect Your Finances. Improve Time Management. Detect Health Problems...and more! Included is her three-step process to ask your intuition questions about any life situation and sense accurate answers.

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Discover Your Intuition Book


Understanding the Power of Intuitive Communication

Discover Your Intuition provides practical guidelines, useful tips and exercises, personal experiences, and real life examples to help you understand and use eight intuitive senses that daily communicate intuitive messages to guide and protect you. Sense details about your career, family and friends, finances, business and personal relationships, and more. Harness the power of your intuition!

Bookstore Purchase - Please visit the following metro Atlanta, GA bookstores: Medu Books (404) 346-3263 and Phoenix and Dragon (404) 255-5207.

New version available in Winter 2014


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