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Darlene Pitts

Darlene Pitts

Inspirational Photographer & Artist

Intuition Consultant, Speaker & Author

Join me as a
SIBYL Magazine Writer!

Sibyl MagazineOCT/NOV 2014

Sibyl MagazineAUG/SEP 2014

Sibyl MagazineFEB/MAR 2014

Sibyl MagazineDEC 2013/JAN 2014

Books & Cards

LTI book

Let's Talk Intuition

DYI book

Discover Your Intuition

Abundant Living Cards

Abundant Living Cards

Join me as a 2014 Sibella Poetry Magazine International Women's Poetry Contest Winner!

Sibyl MagazineJUN/JUL 2014

Sibyl MagazineAPR/MAY 2014

Sibyl MagazineFEB/MAR 2014

Sibyl MagazineDEC 2013/JAN 2014



TruStates (formerly Inspiration & Intuition) empowers you to
"Sense What's True."


Consciousness Consulting

"Shift your normal state of consciousness to look within yourself
to know the truth about
different areas of life."


Intuition Consulting

"Use Your intuition to sense the truth about people, places, things, and situations,without using logic, physical senses or prior knowledge."

States of Consciousness


Intuitive Consulting for Individuals

Intuitive Consulting for Businesses

Intuitive Investigating for Law Enforcement

Intuition Speaking Engagements

Inspirational Artwork

Inspirational Artwork Services

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